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Family Fun Crafts

August 26th, 2016 No comments

family fun craftsWhen you have children of different ages it can be difficult to find family fun crafts that are suitable for them all, however there are plenty that you may already have materials for within your own home or can buy locally. Of course a child that is older will have different skills to a toddler but getting the whole family involved is great for relationships.

Clay is a great way for the whole family to use their skills to create their own objects. Younger children could create a pot or even a worm and even very young children will just enjoy the texture. You could use the clay to create memories of the fun time you have all had together. The chances are even your teen will want to join in making something for themselves and show off their artistic flair.

Laying down paper in the yard can be great for making footprint pictures and all family members will love getting messy and looking at the finished result. This is one of the family fun crafts that you can take a picture of. You could work separately and compete or you could work together to create a huge picture out of body parts.


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One of the funniest family fun crafts is to get a piece of paper and get each family member to draw a body part. The first will start with the head, the second torso, the next bottom and finally shoes. Fold over each body part after it is drawn so it cannot be seen by the next person. When you unfold it you could have a ballerina in a business suit wearing clown shoes with a monkey head. The results will have everyone in fits of laughter and it’s a great bonding experience for the whole family no matter how much space you have.

Scrap booking can be an enjoyable craft allowing the youngest to add hand prints and little scribble drawings while the elder members of the family add enjoyable memories from a great day out. It could be something as simple as a trip to the park. You could take photographs, but drawn pictures will be just as good with notes of dates and memories that each family member has added. You don’t need lots of money to create family fun crafts, just a little imagination and a room or garden full of people you care about most.

Paper Mache is always a winner with all ages. You can use torn newspaper, a burst balloon and flour mixed with water to create a piggy bank, a mask, a hot air balloon or even Humpty Dumpty. The younger members of the family will love to get messy with the wet paper and stick it to a balloon and the older ones will love to decorate it. It’s something that everyone can get involved with and have a joint project at the end of it that you can take pictures of or put in a keepsakes box for the future.

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Ideas for Family Fun Crafts

August 26th, 2016 No comments

family fun craftsWhen looking for ideas for family fun crafts you seldom have to look further than materials you already have. Although family days out are great, it’s not always financially viable to take everyone and sometimes activities are not suitable for everyone living with you. There are however many ways that you can keep the whole family entertained doing the same thing even with big age gaps, you just have to know where to start.

Even older kids will join in family activities if they can have an input that allows them to add creative flare. Family fun crafts can be anything from making a collage to a woodwork project in the back garden.

Everyone likes to put on a show and creating puppets from wooden spoons is a great way to do that. If your child doesn’t like drawing you can cut out faces and clothing from magazines and all work on your own spoon then put on a puppet show. This is great for role play and also getting the children to work as a team to create something bigger.

Something as simple as making paper boats out of old newspaper or magazine pages then racing them across the local pond, a puddle or even old baby bath tub can get the whole family involved. If younger members are too young to fold their boats you could make them and allow your child to decorate even with scribbles.

Using vegetables that have been cut into different shapes are great for helping younger members of the family to create their own masterpieces even before they have got the art of using a paintbrush. Use a sharp knife to cut out stars, circles triangles and be sure to join in the printing. You could even use fabric paints to create a pillow or T-shirt.

If you want to start doing family crafts it’s a good idea to get the children involved in collecting materials. They will be more likely to bring the empty toilet roll from the bathroom if they can put it in the cupboard and use it for a project they are going to do with the whole family. From spaceships made from old squeezy bottles to alligators created from egg boxes it teaches children about recycling and that something that is junk to one person can easily be turned into something fun for another.

Everyone loves music whatever their age and tastes. One way to make noisy family fun crafts is to create your own instruments. You could use rice and turn it into a shaker by pouring it into an old tube pack from crisps or use an old shoe box and some elastic bands to make a guitar. Get your creative juices flowing and make a band together. Create your own silly songs or play along to music on the radio or your favorite CD.

Whatever type of family fun crafts you create have fun in doing so, it’s not all about who can do the best but about spending time together to create a combined result you all enjoy.


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